CMT Announcement – 2/28/2020

Dear HJIS Community, 

We hope that you are having an enjoyable Friday. 

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your understanding, patience, and cooperation during this unique time.

As previously mentioned, we anticipated and reviewed Prime Minister Abe’s recent announcement recommending school closure. However, we did not receive specifics nor clarification from the Japanese Ministry of Education (Kanagawa Prefecture Board of Education) until roughly 1:30 PM (2/28) – detailing their recommendations. 

The HJIS Crisis Management Team has decided, in cooperation with the entire administration team, to completely minimise the possible spread of infection and, like most schools in Japan, temporarily close campus to students and initiate “Distance Learning” starting from Monday, March 2 until Friday, March 27. We anticipate returning to regular campus hours on Monday, March 30. Furthermore, all meetings, club / sport activities, after school programmes, planned events (including Horizon’s Got Talent & Student Led Conferences), etc. are postponed until school re-opens. 

School may be closing, but your child(ren)’s education is not. Our teachers and students are fully prepared for the switch to an online (at home) platform(s). Please allow us to reiterate – this is not a vacation. By the end of the day, you will be receiving detailed emails constructed by your respective coordinator(s) regarding distance learning schedules and expectations – as well as necessary updates via the HJIS CMT. 

Please note: Spring Break will still be held from March 23 – 27 (online learning will not take place during this time). 

We understand that there will be a variety of reactions to this decision amongst parents, and hope that all families will understand the developing situation and the unfamiliar nature of COVID-19. The health and safety of staff, pupils, and families of Horizon Japan International School – Yokohama will remain our highest priority.

Best regards, 


HJIS 保護者の皆様



昨日お伝えした通り、安倍総理が全国の小中高校に臨時休校要請を出しました。しかし、2月28日 13:30現在、 未だに文部科学省(神奈川県教育委員会)から連絡や要請の通達がないのが現状です。

HJISのCrisis Management Team と管理職が会議を重ねた結果、感染可能性の拡大を最小限に抑えるために、多くの日本の学校が行っているよう3月2日(月)から3月27日(金)まで一時閉校し、HJISでは「オンライン授業」を実施します。3月30日(月)より通常授業をキャンパス内にて再開することを予定をしています。加えて、ミーティングや、クラブ活動、スポーツ活動、ASP、そして学校行事(Horizon’s Got Talent & Student Led Conferencesを含む)などは延期され、キャンパス内での学習が始まった後に再度計画する予定です。

学校は閉校する可能性がありますが、生徒たちへの教育は続けて行われます。先生と生徒たちはオンライン授業への変更に対して準備万全です。繰り返しにはなりますが、これは休業ではありません。本日中に、代表のコーディネーターから詳細を載せたメールが届く予定です。HJISのCrisis Management Teamを通して、必要な更新情報だけでなく、オンライン授業のスケジュールやまた授業での期待値についてもご連絡致します。

ご注意: スケジュールと変更なく、3月23〜27日は春休みになります。(この期間は、オンライン授業はございません)



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