Distance Learning Announcement – 3/2

Dear HJIS Parents & Guardians,

Please allow this email to serve as the first “Distance Learning” announcement (3/2).

First and foremost, it is important to note that our HJIS Crisis Management Team is continuously monitoring all updates related to COVID-19. If we receive any pertinent information that will directly affect the health and well-being of our school community – you will be the first to know. 

We deeply empathise and acknowledge the inconvenience and pressure school closure must put on working families. We hope you understand that much of this is out of the schools control and we only hope the government and companies will take relief measures for those who might face difficulties due to their jobs. Upon request, HJIS is willing to prepare written documentation that you can provide to your employer detailing your child(ren)’s current educational framework and related restrictions (e.g. school closure, distance learning details, etc.). Additionally, please know that inability to join online video platforms will not affect your child(ren)’s official school attendance.

Today marked the first day of HJIS Distance Learning. Our school is definitely a less exciting place without our students bringing it to life. And, although we experienced some anticipated technical difficulties, we are happy to say that it was a success! We are very proud of our students. The maturity displayed, at all ages, is a testament to your hard work as parents. We also appreciate the abundance of positive comments, patience, and understanding during this time of transition.

As Japan’s healthcare system stretches to take action against the coronavirus epidemic, we expect the country may have yet another health crisis on its hands: deteriorating mental health. We do not want our HJIS Community to feel they have to battle this stress alone. Accordingly, in addition to continuing your child(ren)’s education, we would like to inform our parents and students that HJIS Counseling services are still available via “Zoom.” These services, offered by our trained and certified counselor, are available to not only students, but also parents and other family members. If you would like access to these services please let us know by emailing Mr. Wingert ([email protected]) directly – all referrals and counseling requests will be kept confidential. 

Finally, we would like to remind our parents that on Friday, March 6, we will be sending out an anonymous survey asking for your input related to distance learning – all constructive criticism is welcome. We understand that parent communication during this unprecedented time is essential to our school resolutely moving forward.

Thank you, and please feel free to email the HJIS CMT ([email protected]) with any comments, questions, or concerns. 

Best regards, 

HJIS 保護者の皆様


まず最初に、HJIS Crisis Management TeamはCOVID-19の状況と進行を引き続き注視しています。もしHJISコミュニティ内の健康状態に影響がでる情報を受け取った際には、直ちにご連絡致します。

閉校によってご家庭で生じるご面倒やご負担については、重々承知しております。今回の状況につきまして、私たち学校組織が管理できることはわずかであることをご理解いただけると幸いです。また、保護者様のお勤め先でも、本校の閉校に伴う状況をご理解いただけると幸いです。もしご依頼があれば、お勤め先の企業様に、現在の教育の仕組みやそれに伴う制限(例: 閉校、オンライン授業など)を詳述した書類を準備いたしますので、その際はご連絡ください。加えて、オンライン授業においてビデオ通話に参加ができないなど、通信に齟齬が発生した場合、生徒の年間出席には影響しません。


日本の病院や厚生労働省が、COVID-19の感染拡大への対応を拡大するなか、それに伴い心の健康にも配慮した対応をしてくださることだと思います。私たちは、HJISコミュニティの皆様がこの問題によって生じるストレスを一人で抱え込んで欲しくないと思っています。生徒たちの教育と同時に、ビデオ通話(Zoom)を活用して生徒や保護者様へのカウンセリングも実施しております。こちらのカウンセリングは訓練を経て経験を積んだカウンセラーによって実施され、生徒のみならず、保護者様やご家族の皆様もご利用いただけます。もしご希望されるようでしたら、Mr. Wingert ([email protected])に直接メールをお送りください。カウンセリングに関わる情報や申し込みは全て内密にいたします。


改めまして、このような状況下において、ご協力くださりありがとうございます。何かご質問やご意見などありましたら、HJIS CMT ([email protected]) にご連絡ください。


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