Distance Learning Announcement 3/6

Dear HJIS Parents & Guardians,

Please allow this email to serve as a “Distance Learning” announcement (3/6).

This Friday marks the end of our first week of Distance Learning. We truly appreciate all of the hard work and effort displayed by our students, parents, and teachers. Our staff misses the energy that our students bring to campus, however, we will continue to tirelessly provide HJIS families with the best Distance Learning experience possible. 

We hope that you have an excellent weekend and enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation. 

Updates & Reminders

Library services are still available

Starting next week, every Wednesday will be a (parent only) book check-out and return day.

Book Check-Out Procedures –  (parents and students can use the school’s library management system “Follett Destiny” to check titles available in the library without logging in).

  • To hold and check-out books:
    • Go to this site HJIS Library.
    • Login using your child’s student school email (click sign in Google). 
    • After logging in, you can search by title, author, keyword, etc. 
      • When you find your book, check it’s availability
      • If it is available, click on the title/details and click the “HOLD IT” button
    • Please send the title and author of the books you would like to check out via email to Ms. Elif ([email protected]) and wait for confirmation.
    • You can check out 3 books at a time.
      • You can keep the books for up to 2 weeks, however, you need to return the checkouts before borrowing new ones.
    • Books will be ready for pickup between 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM in the Media Cafe on Wednesday.
      • Only parents can pick up books, we do not want students coming to campus during this school closure. 
  • To return books:
    • Please place library books in a plastic/paper bag and write the students name, class, and the list of books you are returning on the bag.
    • Place the bag in the media cafe on Wednesday’s between 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Counseling Sessions

Starting next week, our school counselor will be available on “Zoom” during lunch time (and a short time after last period) for any students or parents requiring psychological counseling services. Please remember that all counseling information is kept confidential.

Please do not hesitate to use this important service. 

Distance Learning Parent Feedback Survey

Parent-Teacher cooperation is essential during this time. To ensure we are providing the best Distance Learning experience possible, we ask that you kindly fill out the following anonymous survey – please use the following link Distance Learning Parent Feedback Survey.

As a reminder, for any technical support and/or distance learning questions please email the HJIS Distance Learning Team ([email protected]). For any questions regarding COVID-19 and school closure please email the HJIS Crisis Management Team ([email protected]). We are here to help!

Best regards, 









書籍の借り出し方法ー(保護者様や生徒は学校の書籍管理システム 「Follett Destiny」を活用し、借り出し可能な書籍をご確認できます。ご確認する際はログインする必要はございません。)

  • 書籍の借り出し方:
    • HJIS Libraryへいきます。
    • 生徒の学校用メールアカウントにログインします(Googleのサインインをクリックします)
    • ログイン後、書籍の題名や著者、キーワードなどが検索可能です。
      • 書籍を見つけた際、借り出し可能か確認してください。
      • もし借り出し可能であれば、title/detailsをクリックし、そして「HOLD IT」をクリックします。
    • 借り出し希望の書籍の題名と著者をMs. Elif ([email protected]) にメールにてご連絡し、承認が来るまでお待ちください。
    • 同時に3冊まで借り出しが可能です。
      • 2週間まで書籍を借りられますが、新たな書籍を借りる前に必ずご返却ください。
    • 毎週水曜日、10:00 AM から 2:00 PM の間、Media Cafeにて書籍を受け取ることが可能です。
      • 閉校の時期に生徒が登校することを避けるため、保護者様のみ書籍を受け取ることが可能です。
  • 本の返却:
    • プラスチック製または紙製の袋に図書館の本を入れて返却をお願いいたします。袋には、お子様のお名前、クラス、そして返却する本のリストをご記入下さい。
    • 袋は水曜日の午前10時〜午後2時の間に、メディアカフェまでお持ちください。




Distance Learning Parent Feedback Surveyオンライン授業についてのアンケート


 Distance Learning Parent Feedback Survey.

毎度繰り返しにはなりますが、技術面でのサポートやオンライン授業に関するご質問などございましたら、HJIS Distance Learning Team ([email protected])にご連絡ください。また、COVID-19やそれに伴う閉校に関するご質問は、HJIS Crisis Management Team ([email protected])にご連絡ください。いつでもお待ちしております。


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