HJIS CMT & DLT Announcement 3/11

Dear HJIS Community, 

Please allow this release to serve as a joint HJIS CMT & DLT announcement (3/11).

As a reminder, if you have any questions related to school closure and/or COVID-19 please reach out to our Crisis Management Team ([email protected]). Currently, we are working with local health officials and other respected International Schools to provide our families with the most up-to-date and relevant information possible. In addition, we check the “World Health Organizations (COVID-2019) situation reports” page daily to review global health direction and response. You can find this page by clicking on the following link: WHO COVID-19 Sit. Rep..

In preparation for reopening our physical campus, we are advising our students, parents, faculty and staff to avoid all-non essential travel to countries with CDC/WHO travel advisories and/or countries with government mandated travel restrictions. Distance learning will end as soon as our campus reopens, we will not have a distance learning option for any student(s) in quarantine and/or if they are stuck in a foreign country.  

Please note: Distance Learning will not be held on Friday, March 20 due to the Japanese Public Holiday (Vernal Equinox Day). We encourage all of our students to take a break from their screens, step outside, and enjoy the fresh spring air.

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to providing you with future updates. 

Best regards, 




 3月11日のHJIS CMT & DLT からの報告に追加でいくつかご連絡させて頂きます。

繰り返しにはなりますが、閉校もしくは新型コロナウイルスについてのご質問は、私たちのCrisis Management Team ([email protected])までご連絡下さい。現在、地域の衛生当局やその他のインターナショナルスクールと協力し、関連した最新の情報を保護者の皆様に提供できるよう取り組んでおります。また、「World Health Organizations (COVID-2019) situation reports(WHOによる新型コロナウイルスに関する報告書)」を読み、常時、国際的な情勢を確認しております。下記のリンクをクリックすると、実際の報告書をお読みできます。: WHO COVID-19 Sit. Rep..






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