HJIS CMT/DLT Announcement 3/30

Dear HJIS Community, 

As you are aware, we have continued with Distance Learning today. It has been nice to see all of our students and teachers back online with a positive attitude, encouraging work effort, and a mindset for excellence. We are happy to be back at it!

In the spirit of open communication, we would like to borrow a moment of your time to discuss how we will decide our schools plan beyond next week. 

We are constantly following the news for updates regarding COVID-19. Just this last weekend, citizens of both Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture(s) were encouraged to stay inside as infection rates in Japan have seen a sudden sharp increase – a new precaution that we had not yet seen implemented. It seems to us that experts and authorities are preparing for a potential state of emergency. However, like most of you, we are not infectious disease experts and only have access to public sources of information. Currently, we are anticipating a government announcement sometime later this week that will help guide us in our decision making.

We understand that giving you an advanced warning on extended school closure dates is best practice. However, please note that HJIS tends to make very careful, thoughtful decisions before speaking or acting rashly, as decisions made in haste can have unintended consequences. Additionally, we translate all HJIS CMT & DLT notices into Japanese before releasing updates. This process takes supplementary time and is something that is not currently provided by all international schools. However, we see great value in communicating with all of our families as best as possible, including in their native language(s).

You will hear from us later this week detailing our official plan moving forward. Parent comments and inquiries have been excellent and promising thus far, please feel free to continue. 

The DLT would also like to announce that parents may now schedule Parent/Teacher and/or Parent/Coordinator “Zoom” sessions by emailing their child(ren)’s respective teachers or coordinators directly. These meetings are designed to discuss your children’s educational progress as needed (they are not mandatory). Additionally, we would like to kindly remind you to please fill out this feedback form, as it will help us guide future decisions in structuring and managing Distance Learning. If you have previously filled out a similar form, please share any updates or changes to your previous submission(s).

Further health recommendation(s):

  • Posture is important when working on a computer. Please encourage the following:
    • Students’ upper legs should be flat against the bottom of the chair. 
    • Students’ lower legs should form a 90 degree angle at the knees. 
    • Students’ feet should be a flat 90 degree angle to their lower legs. 
    • Students’ backs should be between 100 and 135 degrees in relation to their legs (if possible). 
  • Follow this link  for an appropriate posture diagram. 
  • To avoid prolonged inappropriate posture, please avoid utilizing online, distance learning while laying in bed. 

Best regards, 










  • コンピューターを使う時の姿勢は大切です。以下のことにお気をつけください:
    • お子さんの太ももは、椅子の底面に対して平になるようにしてください。
    • お子さんの脹脛は、膝に対して90度の角度になるようにしましょう。
    • お子さんの足は下腿に対して、90度になるようにしましょう。
    • お子さんの背中は足に対して100度〜135度になるようにしましょう。(可能な場合)
  • 正しい姿勢については、下記のリンクをご参照ください。
  • 長時間、不適切な姿勢でいることを防ぐためにも、ぜひベッドに横になってオンライン授業を受けることは避けるようにしてください。



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