HJIS CMT – School Closure Extension & Updates

Dear HJIS Community, 

We are very happy to see you all back in the groove of online, Distance Learning. Our students have done an excellent job returning with enthusiasm and vigor. Thank you all!

Please allow this notification to serve as an official announcement regarding upcoming school reopening plans. 

Due to the continued threat of COVID-19 contagion, our campus will remain closed next week (April 6 – 10) and Distance Learning will continue. We hope to open Monday, April 13, but will be reviewing our plans again early next week. 

This morning (4/1), The Kanagawa Board of Education announced their decision to extend public school closure. In light of this announcement and in addition to a sudden sharp increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in and around Kanagawa Prefecture (and across Japan), we feel it is obvious that the risk of contagion has been elevated. Accordingly, we feel that keeping the school closed is the only logical choice – as exposing our students, faculty, and staff to a population witnessing a rapid growth in reported COVID-19 infections is a risk we are not willing to take. 

HJIS is committed and proud to be one of the few local schools (both public and private) to be able to provide your children with an excellent, continuing education while keeping their best health interests at heart. Essentially, we want our parents to have peace in mind knowing that their child(ren) can both learn and stay safe at the same time – a luxury that many students attending other schools do not currently have. 

In the future, parents can expect decisions regarding school operating hours and distance learning extension(s) to occur weekly – as we cannot predict if and when clear direction from the government will be announced. We understand the inconvenience weekly reports provide. However, our aim will be to provide you with these updates as soon as humanly possible. 

Please refer to the following FAQ document for guidance. If you cannot find your answer(s) here, please feel free to email [email protected] for additional help.

Thank you for your overwhelming support! We are honored to serve you and your family. 

Best regards, 


HJIS 保護者の皆様







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