CMT / DLT Announcement 4/7

Dear HJIS Community, 

We hope that you and yours are remaining safe and healthy. As Distance Learning & School Closure continues, our students and parents have continued to impress us and other schools in the international community in Japan and across Asia. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Today’s Announcements:

School Closure Extension

Following Prime Minister Abe’s declaration of a “State of Emergency,” HJIS has moved it’s anticipated reopening date to Monday, May 11. Until that time, we will continue to implement our Distance Learning Programme. Should circumstances require an extension of school closure beyond this date we will be the first to let you know. This one month extension to campus closure will provide a more sensible period of time in which our leadership team can determine the practicability of reopening and plan any changes to school operations to minimise the risk to our community’s health and safety. For a more detailed explanation, please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page

Zoom Security Updates

This past week, a few Zoom users have reported troublemakers unexpectedly showing up in Zoom meetings and hackers injecting malware into devices running “Zoom.” As a response, on Sunday, April 5, Zoom implemented passwords and waiting rooms for meetings by default. Once students join a meeting they are automatically directed to a new virtual waiting room; where they have to wait for the teacher to allow them access into the class. Additionally, Zoom’s security researchers have switched their focus to fixing privacy and security issues with the platform.

We trust that Zoom has taken these issues seriously and we will continue to use this platform for online, Distance Learning.

Parent Involvement in Zoom Breakout Sessions

We are very proud of how our parents have responded to school closure and distance learning – we truly could not achieve our goals without your help. As a reminder, during classroom breakout sessions, please kindly leave all discipline and virtual class management to our teachers. If you have concerns regarding children other than your own, please feel free to email the teacher separately so they can address the issue. 

As always, thank you for your tremendous support, understanding, and flexibility.

Please continue to send all questions related to school closure, student health and safety to [email protected]. All questions related to distance learning may be sent to [email protected]

Best regards, 


HJIS 保護者の皆様




安倍首相の「緊急事態宣言」を受けて、HJISは5月11日(月)に再開予定日を変更いたしました。それまでは、オンライン授業を継続して実施いたします。事態の進捗により、この日以降に休校を延長する必要がある場合は、直ちにお知らせいたします。この1ヶ月間の休校延長は、HJISの皆様の健康と安全に及ぼすリスクを最小限に抑えることを目的とし、管理職が開校の可能性を判断し学校運営を計画するための合理的な期間となります。詳細情報は、COVID-19 FAQ ページをご覧ください。


先週、何者かがZoom会議に不意に現れたり ハッカーが 「Zoom」を利用しているデバイスに 不正プログラムを流入したりといった事例が、世界の多くのZoom利用者から報告されました。これに対応するため、4月5日(日)、Zoom社は会議のパスワードと待合室 (Waiting Room)をデフォルトで導入しました。生徒が授業に参加する際、自動的に仮想の待合室 (Waiting Room)に繋がります。待合室 (Waiting Room)とは、生徒が授業へアクセスする際に教師からの許可を待たなければならない場所です。加えて、Zoom のセキュリティ対策者はプラットホーム内でのプライバシーとセキュリティ問題を修理することに焦点を転換しました。





学校閉鎖や安全健康面についてのご質問はCMT ([email protected])まで、またオンライン授業に関するご質問はDLT ([email protected]) までご連絡下さいますようお願いします。



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