HJIS CMT Announcement 4/20

Dear HJIS Community, 

We wanted to take a moment to highlight some general weekly details regarding HJIS Distance Learning, the Japanese COVID-19 Subsidy, virtual coffee w/ HJIS administration, and the introduction of our 2020-21 school calendar. 

HJIS Distance Learning

We have been in constant contact with other international schools in Japan and throughout Asia. As a whole, the HJIS distance learning programme and schedule has been applauded and recognised as an excellent online learning option. As a result, we have seen an increase in applicants to our school, including those who have made the switch to HJIS specifically for its distance learning success. This positive recognition is a result of the combined efforts of our students, parents, staff and faculty. Thank you all!

For more information regarding our distance learning programme, please see the following site (prepared for your convenience): New HJIS Distance Learning Website

Japanese COVID-19 Subsidy

As a quick community update, it has been announced that the Japanese government will be distributing a ¥100,000 cash subsidy to help support families living in Japan. Eligibility for the cash subsidy from the government is based on the “Basic Resident Register”, which means that all residents of Japan are eligible (including foreign residents with a Residence Card). You can apply for the subsidy by filling out an application form that will be mailed to you by your local municipal government office. The application form will be sent by post to the head of every household in Japan. If you wish to receive the subsidy, you may fill in the required information, including the bank account number where you want the subsidy to be deposited. The government began sending the applications on April 17. However, it may take longer to receive this policy as this subsidy has been put together fairly quickly. 

Virtual Coffee w/ Administration

We would like to invite all of our parents to a questions and answer “Virtual Coffee Session” with our school administrators. These sessions will be held via “Zoom” and on the following dates:

  • Primary Parents – Monday (April 27) – 1800-1900 
  • Secondary Parents – Tuesday (April 28) -1800-1900

HJIS 2020-21 School Calendar

Finally, please see the newly developed 2020-21 HJIS School Calendar

Thanks again, stay safe, and please continue to look out for one another and those around you. 

Best regards, 




HJIS オンライン授業


オンライン授業にまつわる情報は、(ご都合に合わせて)以下のウェブサイトをご覧ください: 新HJIS オンライン授業 ウェブサイト

日本 COVID-19補助金


管理職 バーチャルコーヒー


  • Primary の部 – 月曜日(4月27日) 18:00-19:00
  • Secondary の部 – 火曜日(4月28日) 18:00-19:00

HJIS 2020-2021 学校カレンダー

最後に、新たに決められた2020-21 HJIS 学校カレンダーをご覧ください。




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