Coronavirus Updates

Dear HJIS Community, 

We hope you all had a great and safe weekend. 

Please allow this message to update you on the current measures our school is taking to monitor the 2019 Novel Coronavirus situation.

At this time, the HJIS’ crisis management team regularly meets to review guidance and advice received from Local Health Officials, World Health Organisation announcements, The Japanese Ministry of Education, and The Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education. 

In addition to many precautionary (hygienic) measures taken by our school, please anticipate changes and potential postponements to school events, trips, etc. We will continue to meet frequently over the next several days and will communicate more specific guidelines in this regard. In the event we need to close school, we have full contingency plans in place to allow students to continue studies as effectively as possible from home. We recognise the anxiety this situation may cause, but please trust that we are working diligently to make the best possible decisions for our school community.

Based on current information, we have/are implementing the following:

  • Withholding student participation for trips internationally bound.
  • Cancelling Staff Professional Development until March 30.
  • Cancelling and/or modifying events where large groups may gather on campus.
  • Advising families to limit exposure outside of HJIS.
  • Discouraging travel to not only China, Macau, and Hong Kong, but also to Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. 
    • Please note that if threat levels change in these countries… students, parents, and staff may have to adhere to a government ordered quarantine upon return. 

We ask that parents please complete the following form so our health office can maintain sufficient records and contact you directly. Please note that this is mandatory.

Our primary concern is the continued safety of our entire community, while maintaining as many day-to-day operations and activities as possible.

We appreciate your patience and support. 

Best Regards, 

HJIS Administration

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