COVID-19 – HJIS CMT Announcement 2/21/20

Dear HJIS Parents & Guardians, 

We hope that you have enjoyed a pleasant week. 

Please allow this email to serve as an update concerning recent school developments relating to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) by the HJIS Crisis Management Team ([email protected]).

Recent Kanagawa Prefecture Board of Education Announcement

The Kanagawa Prefecture Board of Education has recently released the following statement(s):

  • If necessary, each prefecture will independently order schools to be temporarily closed (all or partially) – if deemed appropriate in terms of public health and safety. 
  • A school may choose to close on an individual basis if there are several students with COVID-19 infections at the school and/or if COVID-19 infections are reported in close proximity to the school campus – prior to closure, a school must discuss plans with their respective prefecture. 
  • Principals have the right (and must) order a student with COVID-19 infection to stay at home. 

Preventative Measures (Health Checkpoint)

Starting Tuesday, Feb 25, all students and faculty will be required to proceed through a “health checkpoint” (upon entering the HJIS building) including:

  • Using Hand Sanitizer
  • Undergoing a Temperature Check
    • All students registering a fever (37.5 ℃ or above) will be discreetly accompanied to the nurse’s office, examined, and possibly sent home. 
    • Please make appropriate arrangements to have at least one parent available to pick your child up if necessary. When directed by HJIS Administrative Members and/or Nursing Staff, pick up is mandatory and non-negotiable.
  • Donning Face Masks (if available)
    • Please send your child to school with a face mask.

Preparations for Possible School Closure

In preparation for possible school closure, HJIS is in the process of finalizing measures to ensure instruction continues for all students.

  • Please refer to the following file for more information regarding our continuity of learning plan (if necessary). 

We thank you for your continued communication, care, and patience during this time. For questions regarding COVID-19 please refer to the  Head of School Corner – and/or send all related questions to the HJIS Crisis Management Team – [email protected].

Best regards, 

HJIS Crisis Management Team

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